It all started...

a long time ago, at a beach not far away, Boris the Bull lived happily as the best Butcher in the land. As you can imagine, being the top Butcher in all of the herds was quite an accomplishment and Boris was very proud. After one long, wild summer of festivals Boris was blessed with a Son. Tripp however was not your typical Bull. Tripp loved the beach. He just had sand in his hooves, and actually was a pretty good surfer. Every day as Boris went to his shop to cut the towns freshest beef, Tripp went to the beach to surf. But surfing wasn't Tripp only passion that Dad didn't care for. He also loved to cook, especially seafood. They locked horns over this more than once, but Tripp loved making people happy cooking the delicious combinations he loved. So when Tripp came of age, he headed to the  streets of Jacksonville Florida, to carve out his own way. A food truck dream soon came to be, and Son of a Butcher was born. Tripp took the memories of Dad's shop, the love and flavors of the  beach, and a need to have fun making people happy and the result is here today. We do hope you enjoy!!!!!!


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Fresh Ribeye Steak. Local Mayport Shrimp. White Meat Chicken.


We use only the best ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.